Daytime Emmy Awards: Two for Two

Um… yeah. They fucked it up royally again. If you thought last year was bad (and it was), you ain’t seen nothing yet. Once again, no clips of the talented actors who were competing for the hardware. Indeed, no clips at all of soaps from the past year. Plenty of time for Oprah though and a “we just invented it second lifetime achievement award.” I really have nothing against Oprah, but she wasn’t even there! Yet Celine Dion took up what felt like two hours to sing her a song played out from the moment it hit the charts. Perhaps if the producers had used that time to show us the actors at work, we might have been able to recall why or how Brittany Allen, formerly of All My Children, took home a trophy. And what was with all the ties? Every other category had two winners! Find a way to make a choice for crying out loud!

On the plus side, it was awesome to see General Hospital’s Laura Wright finally get some long overdue Emmy love, and the absent Michael Park’s win (he’s currently on Broadway in the revival of How to Succeed) was kind of a sweet sayonara to the departed As the World Turns. But overall, last night’s show gets my vote for the worst televised award show of all time, a title it will likely hold until next year’s debacle, if the thing even makes it to air with only four soaps and too many talk shows left.


38th Annual Daytime Emmy Nominations

Today’s announcement of the Daytime Emmy nominations yielded some joy (hooray for Colleen Zenk, Laura Wright, and Emily O’Brien!). But come on! All One Life to Live gets are nods for the currently enjoyable, but often aggravating, Bree Williamson and Brian Kerwin of the overacting and dashing out of scenes like a freight train (but I will admit that his showdown with Kim Zimmer last week was pretty powerful stuff)? I won’t even waste adjectives on All My Children’s Brittany Allen. It’s encouraging to see webisoaps Gotham and Venice take their places at the table, but all in all, it just feels like another depressing day for beleaguered soap fans.

Daytime Emmy Awards: What Happened in Vegas

So did you watch last night’s Daytime Emmy telecast on CBS? If so, you must admit there were a few positives (nice to see so many As the World Turns winners in light of the show’s cancellation, especially “Carjack’s” Maura West and Michael Park, and Billy Miller of The Young and the Restless more than deserved his trophy). But beyond that? Where to start…

It should have been a celebration of the actors, writers, and directors who produce quality scripted television 52 weeks a year in an age of reality shows and shorter seasons (I love me some Mad Men, can’t wait for it to return, but 13 episodes every 12 months can’t compare to the daytime grind). Instead, it began with a 20 minute Dick Clark love fest. I’ve got nothing against the guy, and he seemed genuinely moved by the tribute, but wouldn’t something like that have made more sense at the Grammys? You know, an awards show celebrating music? But the worst was yet to come. We were shown no clips of the nominees (actors or shows), daytime legend Agnes Nixon’s lifetime achievement award seemed like an afterthought, and the afore-mentioned ATWT got a 90 second salute after 54 years on the air. The evening devolved into a commercial for Sin City. On a practical level, I know that it’s all about ratings and that daytime is not what it once was, but is turning the program into a travelogue really the way to go? On an emotional level, what happened in Vegas fills me with despair. Soaps are being cancelled left and right, SOAPnet is about to go the way of the dinosaur, and CBS couldn’t spare two measly hours of programming to properly honor these consummate professionals? For shame!

Feel free to rant, and check this out. It’s a little taste of when the ceremony had class.