R.I.P. Jack Klugman

Some sad news for classic TV fans this Christmas. We mourn the passing of Jack Klugman. Best known as Oscar Madison and Quincy, he also made his mark on Broadway (he was the original Herbie to Ethel Merman’s Momma Rose in Gypsy), in a number of Twilight Zone episodes, and in the films 12 Angry Men and Days of Wine and Roses. In addition to the legacy of his work, Klugman was the classic survivor who battled back from throat cancer, reclaimed his lost voice, and continued to grace stages and screens of all sizes in the last years of his life. Just a great actor. Let’s pay homage with some glimpses of the man himself in action.


Steve Landesberg (1945-2010)

RIP Steve Landesberg. You will be missed.