How To Ruin An Entire Series

So last night, after nine seasons of waiting and wondering, we finally learned how Ted Mosby met the mother of his children. Her name was Tracy, and what little we saw of their relationship drove home the point that she was truly perfect for him. They had two kids, finally tied the knot. And then she died. That’s right. TV’s version of a mythical rom-com ended with the girl of Ted’s dreams coughing in a hospital bed. And why? So he could end up with Robin. Robin whose season long wedding weekend to Barney ended in divorce after which she revealed herself to be a pretty lousy friend. But Ted still ended up at her window with that damned blue French horn. So in short, people, this was one big long con, and the more I think about it, the angrier I get. And it’s not just because this finale was such a colossal misfire. It’s because fans have been robbed of that one bit of comfort that comes when a beloved series signs off. Because who can enjoy the reruns now?

Consider this. Some people like to reference Seinfeld as having the most disappointing series finale of all time. I’ll confess that I wasn’t blown away when I first saw it, but over the years, it’s kind of grown on me. Even if it hasn’t worked that same kind of magic on you, that final episode in no way diminishes the series as a whole, and you can go back and re-watch the adventures of Jerry and the gang and still enjoy nearly every single second of it.

HIMYM? Not going to happen. How can anyone watch Ted and Robin’s sweet courtship and logical break-up or Barney’s final play that was his proposal to Robin, or this entire final season building up to the Barney/Robin wedding and take any pleasure in any of it? This is a betrayal of St. Elsewhere-ian proportions, and the fact that Bays and Thomas might get to do it all over again is criminal. Legendary? Sure. But for all the wrong reasons, Bro.


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