The Return of the King: MAD MEN is back!

I can’t quite believe it! After months of waiting and worrying and wondering, Don, Peggy, Joan, and the gang (sans Lane – sad!) are about to return to our homes in a new year with a new set of adventures. There are burning questions to be answered! What is the current state of the Draper marriage, and is Megan’s acting bug burrowing into Don’s side in the form of a frustrating thorn? Is Peggy missing Don as a mentor at her new job, or she is blossoming into the next phase of the modern woman now that she is no longer dealing with his stifling tutelage? What of Roger? Is he dropping acid on a daily basis in the futile hope of recreating the magic of that first, blissful trip? Will Ken pick up where the late Lane left off and throttle Pete for… well… just being Pete at some point in the season (one can only hope!). One question that needs no answer, needs not even be posed, is whether of not SCDP is benefiting from Joan’s place at the partners’ table (the woman can do no wrong when it comes to business affairs).

I’m counting down the seconds until 9pm, and I hope to able to revisit each episode after it airs by spotlighting a specific, standout scene. While my posts are likely going to be briefer this time around, I will do my best to pay tribute to what will undoubtedly be some of the best episodes of any TV show this year. Happy watching!


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