BOARDWALK EMPIRE: It’s Where You Finish

So is everyone else super-psyched for tonight’s Boardwalk Empire? Had you asked me last Sunday around 9:35, I would have said, “can’t this episode just end?” Between Nucky, Owen, and young Roland biding endless hours in that basement, Margaret passing out sanitary napkins and, coincidentally, meeting the young mother whose unfortunate miscarriage set her current story arc in motion (gotta love the way this show makes AC seem like a town of maybe 30 people at most), and that blasted Tabor Heights gas station, apparently the only fuel resource between AC and and NYC, I was ready for the whole thing to, mercifully, end. But then we had those last 10 minutes. Roland will not have Jimmy’s life but rather his death (Nucky’s getting mighty comfortable with his own bullets). Tabor Heights sees Nucky’s men ambushed despite Eli’s desperate attempts to warn the others of impending doom. And Al Capone gives his deaf son a song (if you didn’t tear up, you’re made of stone!). Boardwalk has its flaws, but if you can end on a note that leaves everyone wanting more, you’re doing something very right.


One thought on “BOARDWALK EMPIRE: It’s Where You Finish

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