EMMY 2012: Directing for a Drama Series

Last but not least, the drama directors.


Tim Van Patten, Boardwalk Empire
Vince Gilligan, Breaking Bad
Brian Percival, Downton Abbey
Michael Cuesta, Homeland
Phil Abraham, Mad Men

Guess what? I’m not going to go all Mad Men with this pick! But I’m not going to go all Breaking Bad or Downton either. In my mind, this is a choice between the Homeland pilot and Boardwalk’s season finale. Cuesta expertly staged the prologue for a televised political thriller like no other, and I fully expect him to get the win. But the Boardwalk finale broke all the rules. So maybe the montage of murder and the Nucky/Margaret wedding was lifted right out of The Godfather playbook. Jimmy’s death in the rain transitioning to the battlefield that claimed his soul? That was artful. That was bold. That filled me with both hope and dread for Season Three (they’re off to a decent start, but I really miss Jimmy). Boardwalk will not sweep, but this is the show’s best shot at a trophy.

Think I got any of these right? Tune in tonight to find out!


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