EMMY 2012: Directing for a Comedy Series

Now we come to our last comedy prediction (no disrespect to guest actors and art directors, but there’s only so much time on this blogger’s hands!). So who’s going to be honored as the best director of a television comedy? Let’s see…


Robert B. Weide, Curb Your Enthusiasm
Lena Dunham, Girls
Louis C.K., Louie
Jason Winer, Modern Family
Steven Levitan, Modern Family
Jake Kasdan, New Girl

Okay. So the New Girl pilot basically soured me on the whole series, so I can’t pick Kasdan. Curb was a disappointment (and “Palestinian Chicken” was right up there with the Bill Buckner episode in terms of absurdity). Modern Family walked away with this award last year (but in all fairness, neither Levitan or Winer were the victors). Still, this is really a battle between C.K. and Dunham.

At the heart of Louie’s “Duckling” is the conviction that laughter is the the universal language. If we would take the time to listen to it, there’d be a lot less conflict in the world (sounds kind of hippy-dippy I know, but what other message can you draw from the sight of a man chasing a bird in a war zone and thus stopping the fighting for a few moments?). I’d like to see C.K. win something, and I think he has a better shot here than in the Lead Actor race. But then there’s Dunham. The season finale of Girls tied up no loose ends but rather set new plots in motion (Jessa’s marriage, Adam and Hannah breaking up, Shoshanna losing her virginity, Marnie starting to look for what lies beyond Charlie, etc.). Everything went down within the confines of a beautifully quirky wedding ceremony, which was capped off by Hannah’s subway mugging, long walk home, and lonely wedding cake breakfast on the beach. My pick is Dunham because her efforts topped off a brilliant first season and made me want the next batch of episodes ASAP.

Up next, the Dramas!


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