ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Don’t Say It’s Over

ARGHHH!!! While I think that the beloved, the exceptional, the leader of the soap pack One Life to Live mostly ended on a high note, can I vent? Yes, the week began with current favorites and past loved (and hated) ones battling it out at the gates of Heaven and Hell. Yes, Gigi and Rex and Shane got their happy ending. Yes, Matthew stepped up to be a father to Baby Drew (nice nod to history) with Destiny. And the Fraternity Row retrospective was about as perfect a way as I’ve ever seen of celebrating the fans and the creators of a soap. But I can’t help but be frustrated! We all know that the Mannings and John McBain are en route to Port Charles, but how does (and will) that show deal with the cliffhanger that Victor Jr. is really alive and the prisoner of the crazed Allison Perkins? I don’t know, and I am saddened by the confirmation of what fans always knew. Unlike sister show All My Children, OLTL was ready to make the leap online and would have had stories ready as soon as Monday. But will we ever see them? Prospect Park, take a step back, regroup, get it together, recognize that you might have to present Llanview and its denizens on a smaller scale. But bring this soap back to all of us who will gratefully tune in to see what comes next.


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