Emmy Recap

So how did everyone else like last night’s Emmy telecast? Overall, I thought it was pretty stellar. Okay. So it smarts that “The Suitcase” did not take home the Emmy when it might be the best written hour of television ever. But it doesn’t sting that much since the award went to the series finale of Friday Night Lights. Same response, different category: Jon Hamm did some of the best work of his career during his last stint as Don Draper, but he’ll (hopefully, maybe) have other chances to win for that performance. Kyle Chandler will not. I can live with these Mad Men losses, and while it’s nice, although predictable, that the show itself picked up its fourth trophy for Best Drama, will their actors never win? That being said, nice to see new Emmy faces Peter Dinklage and Margo Martindale take the stage for their supporting performances.

The miniseries competition featured its own set of surprises. I was pulling for Mildred Pierce, and Kate Winslet and Guy Pearce deservedly won. But it was Downton Abbey’s night all the way (wins for the series, the directing, the writing, and Maggie Smith). And I’m kind of okay with that. It’s always nice to see an underdog upset at an awards show, but I’m still Team Mildred.

Over in the world of comedy, Steve Carell will never win for his turn as Michael Scott. That seems all kinds of wrong, but I loved the funny ladies impromptu beauty pageant. Amy Poehler was my pick, yet I’m fine with Melissa McCarthy’s win. But it was really Modern Family’s night. The show is still new enough that the win for best comedy is not stale. And while I’d have rewarded the performances of Sofia Vergara and Ed O’Neill, I have no problems with the Julie Bowen/Ty Burrell wins. On the flip side, as much as I like Jon Stewart and The Daily Show, it’s time for some new winners in the Variety, Music, or Comedy Series categories.

Nice to see that, despite some omissions, the “In Memoriam” segment ended with a writer. RIP, Stephen J. Cannell.

Host Jane Lynch did her thing, leading an amusing opening number celebrating the world of television. That was topped by Lynch as the mastermind behind Jersey Shore (and give the cast props for playing along).

But the highlight of an entertaining night was The Lonely Island medley. If you didn’t catch it, here it is:

Hope you enjoyed, fellow Emmy viewers. Until next year (and probably Mad Men – 5, Actors – 0).


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