Top 5 Reasons to be psyched for JERSEY SHORE: Season 4

Guilty pleasure of the best/worst kind. But I cannot wait for the latest installment of The Situation, Snooki, JWoWW, and all their friends. In Italy no less! The first season of this national phenomenon is about as perfect a reality show as you could ever hope for. Season 2? A bit of a letdown (too much Angelina, Miami lacked Jersey’s charm, and a final episode blowout that had no place being in the “goodbye, we really love each other, I’ll miss you so much” episode). Season 3 brought things back to a familiar place with a slew of new/old drama. For my money, Deena is an adequate replacement, the Rebecca Howe of Seaside. Snooki took her bad behavior to new heights (where’s the beach, bitch?!). And while it was eventually played out, Ronnie and Sammi’s all night fight followed by Ron’s destruction of seemingly everything Sam owned was mesmerizing. So now the gang is coming back, and while Miami was kind of a bust, I think Italy could be epic if only because we’ll get to see our Guidos and Guidettes navigate the motherland with hysterical results. But it’s all about the drama, people. So based on the trailer, here’s what I’m psyched for:

  1. Deena and Pauly D hook up: Hmmm. Didn’t see that one coming. She was crushing on Sitch when she first came on the scene. But remember how I said Deena filled the Angelina void. That’s still true, but she did spend a lot of Season 3 just trying to fit in (except when she called Vinny out for doing Snooks wrong with her friend from home in the finale), so I want to see what Deena “in love/lust” means. Could be one drunken outburst followed by a reality check (who am I kidding?), or maybe she’ll make Sammi look like the ideal girlfriend (scary!).
  2. Snooki and Sitch – What’s the deal?: On the subject of hookups, does Sitch really have it bad for Snooks? Kind of thought they would follow her infatuation with Vinny, but there’s a hint that Mike’s unresolved feelings for Nicole (remember their last night in the hot tub in Season 1?) will lead him to sabotage her Italian romance. Whether he really wants to get it in or just sees her as a second sister (and that relationship is also kind of creepy) the show’s breakout stars are also poised for a showdown.
  3. Snooki and JWoWW – The Honeymoon is Over?: Looks like the most functional relationship on camera is heading towards turbulence. Bring it on. When the friends who’ve been there for you during your darkest hours and, as a result, know all of your faults call you out, it’s the bite that draws blood. Now in all likelihood, they’ll squabble for an episode or two then make amends. But a girl can hope for a disaster, can’t she?
  4. Pizza: Has to be more entertaining than watching them scoop ice-cream or gelato or whatever the hell “job” they had in South Beach.
  5. Boy Fight: Okay. Not that I’m advocating violence, but who doesn’t want to see Ronnie and Mike pound each other into bloody pulps (thought I spied a stretcher in the preview). Not for nothing, but the girls have never had a problem letting each other have it when it comes to their wrongs. Now the boys are finally going to man up. Maybe I wouldn’t be as excited if I didn’t know security is waiting in the wings, but let’s see a Gorilla Juice Head and Sitch go at it.

Happy watching, kids!


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