While today’s announcement of a new talk fest for Katie Couric taking General Hospital’s time slot might not seem as dire as the recent cancellations of One Life to Live and All My Children, the news is not good. In some ways, it’s worse. ABC is teasing GH fans with the possibility that their show will survive. But let’s be real here. GH’s days are numbered.

I’ll be honest; General Hospital is not the show it was in the glory days of Luke and Laura. It’s moved far away from the death of B.J., Monica’s breast cancer, and, most famously and tragically, Stone’s losing battle to AIDS (yes, I had Robin’s Diary back in the day). But all the mob shenanigans aside, GH is arguably the soap that has caused me to shed the most tears (and now I’ll cry again when it leaves the air). And a lot of them are on account of the little moments (Robyn Richards’ Maxie sobbing to Georgie and Dillon that she was unworthy of B.J.’s heart, Jason’s recent quiet breakdown on Elizabeth’s steps after the death of their son, and a blind Stone seeing Robin one last time). Then there are the fun bits (the Nurses’ Balls, the Quartermaine Thanksgivings – before they eradicated the family, and nearly all of Robert and Holly the first time around). The history, the possibility, all sacrificed at the foot of a talk show that’ll probably flop in a few seasons. I get that there are bigger problems out there, but the prospect of saying farewell to three classics within the span of little more than a year is heartbreaking for daytime devotees the world over.


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