THE OFFICE: Who’s the Boss?

Really belated on my part, but just a few quick words about the season finale of The Office. I found it enjoyable (even if the cliffhanger was a bit of a cop out). The guest stars (in particular James Spader, Ray Romano, and, even though it was like a minute, Jim Carrey) stood out. The stunt casting was well-balanced with Creed, the manager from The Twilight Zone, an oblivious Angela planning her nuptials while her coworkers contemplated bursting her bubble (how much can’t you wait for that wedding episode next year), and another chapter in the Andy/Erin romance (just get them together already!). The show still has to work hard in the wake of Steve Carell’s departure, but I’m feeling pretty good about its evolution. And if Catherine Tate gets the gig, I’m curious to see where things go.


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