COMMUNITY: See You in September

So now that we’ve seen both parts, what can we say about the Community season finale? How about it was frickin’, frakkin’, fruckin’ awesome? Part One was all about Annie, the baddest bitch in the pioneer town that used to be Greendale, and Pierce, definitely at his douchiest. Leaving Jeff vulnerable to guest star Josh Holloway was almost all the study group could take. But soon enough, there would a much greater threat to the gang and the entire campus. I speak of a giant ice cream cone flanked by stormtroopers.

Tonight’s installment ditched the western motif and went full Star Wars. There were several call backs to the space simulator episode (City College’s dastardly dean, Greendale’s school flag) as well as a chance for Troy to show off his superior plumbing skills. But despite the pop culture references (and let’s be real; this was a pretty fabulous homage to that galaxy far, far away), the characters were where it was at. From Troy and Jeff battling for leadership to the coupling of Annie and Abed (hmmmm…) chemistry familiar and unexpected abounded. Loved Britta and especially Shirley almost saving the day. But in the end, it had to be Pierce. How could it be anyone but Pierce? True, Hawthorne as the hero was a tad too traditionally… “sitcommy.” But it finally, finally explains Pierce’s transformation into all-out villain (he doesn’t believe he’s worthy of love and friendship so he messes with people, tests them, drives them away). The cliffhanger, tiny as it was, hints that Pierce won’t return to the study group even though they don’t want to see him go. Now here’s the thing. It probably won’t happen, but the universe of this show has evolved to the point that I could see a portion of or even an entire third season with Pierce on the outside looking in and/or other recurring characters (think Leonard or Star-Burns) sitting in with the group from week to week. Many a possibility there.

I wouldn’t say that this was my favorite episode of this most recent batch (that’s probably a three-way tie between the Christmas, “My Dinner with Andre,” and “bottle” episodes). But a strong end to a strong season, and I doubt that I’m the only one looking forward to the show’s return.


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