For much of the HIMYM season, I have not been a fan of Zoey (although her ex is a different story.) So while I wasn’t sad to see the character (probably) gone for good, I have to say that when she charged the stage with Ted’s recorded praise for the Arcadian, Zoey finally made an impression.

Using Ted’s words against him in front of his bosses and jeopardizing both Ted’s and Barney’s jobs was all kinds of evil. Yet, Ted cared for Zoey, she cared for him, and his friends liked her (at least they said they did). So how could Zoey, whose marriage, limiting as it was, recently fell apart and who found new love and a surrogate family, throw everything away for a building? I know, I know. She grew up there. But she placed the Arcadian above the actual people in her life. And I felt incredibly sad for her in that instant. In the end, Zoey lost it all. Also kind of tragic. She never really fit in with Ted and the gang, but I think I would follow Jennifer Morrison in a similar role (in a different setting) with great fascination.


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