PARKS AND RECREATION: Here Comes the Bride

Loved Community (as always), slightly unimpressed by The Office (but I guess it’s just the first act of the Michael Scott finale), and I still have to watch 30 Rock. But I’m giving a shout-out to Parks and Recreation. Not because Ann might go down as the worst participant ever at a singles mixer or because Ben stayed in Pawnee for Leslie (they are really cute). No, what rocks is that in such an early part of the series, April and Andy tied the knot, for real. And, for the moment, it looks like it’s going to stick. Lesser sitcoms would have had someone object or the newlyweds would have split before the honeymoon or the whole ceremony would have been a joke on the assorted guests. But Andy and April took the plunge because they’re in love. The bloom may go off the rose. Hell, maybe they’ll have the thing annulled next week. But somehow I think this is more than a ratings gimmick. These two are immature and perfect for one another. And I hope the show plays the beats of such a marriage, Pawnee style.


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