We all know the story by now. Charlie Sheen lost his mind, and Two and a Half Men is on hold. I’ve never seen the show. Some say it’s funny, others say it’s shit. But thats beside the point. An actor who has done some great work in his career (Platoon holds up every single time) is in a dark place, and it’s on display for the world to see. Having just watched the 20/20 interview (and Andrea Canning dealt with the madness), it’s apparent he’s either totally whacked out on some drug or other or he’s suffering from a total break from reality. ABC edited the recent interview with clips from Sheen in past years sadly discussing the perils of achieving stardom too easily, too quickly, and how a feeling that he was unworthy of the accolades caused him to numb the pain with any substance available. Those were the days when it appeared he had come through the fire and lived to tell the tale. Now it’s a different, much more bizarre story. He lives with two women, his “goddesses,” talks of wizards and warlocks, and fancies himself a “rock star” who thinks he’s doing right by his children. I’m all for non-traditional parenting, but this is… sad? Scary? Probably a bit of both.

To get back to the top-rated show in question, lots of people are not working because of Sheen’s rants. And I get that. Any other employee would have to face the consequences for delaying production and insulting the boss. But is Sheen giving his greatest performance to date, extracurricular activities and ill-advised sound bites included, in an effort to put the non-creative suits in their place? I’ll dial that back. Sheen’s not going to the mat for a Mad Men. Still, Sheen is doing what he has not done for eight seasons. He’s making compelling television. But where will it end?


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