THE OFFICE: At the Movies

Okay. Far from a typical Office episode. We always knew Michael had aspirations to be a film auteur, but why had we never seen the Scranton gang shooting the myriad of scenes, why would Angela take part in “The Scarn” dance sequence, did Jim really think that his role as Goldenface was the best way to win Pam’s heart? But all of that aside, “Threat Level Midnight” was hysterical. Darryl as the president, Creed as Cherokee Jack, and the death of Toby, the animal rapist, were some of the highlights. Loved Jan, Karen, Helene, Packer, Roy, and who I’m pretty sure was Ryan’s Hobbit friend, Troy, making their obligatory cameos. On the one hand, it’s kind of pathetic that Michael would spend the better part of his adult life on a clichéd rehashing of every action movie ever made (the awesome Rocky IV/mop training sequence aside). But what a comedy! And Michael, with a little help from Holly, got that in the end. Sometimes what seems like the most important thing in your life is really just an opportunity to laugh and get on with it. I don’t know about you, but after the day I’ve had, the laughter was just what I needed.


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