Merry Thursday Night

In short, NBC’s Thursday night rocked it out. Community’s Rudolph homage started slow but finished particularly sweet. Coming off of a week when the study group hurt each other more than they helped, the gang bands together to support a lonely Abed and find the meaning of Christmas in their friendship. Loved Jeff-in-the-Box! Nice to see Pierce as the last teddy bear standing after a few weeks on the sidelines. Got teary eyed at the final image of the friends morphing back to their true form in Abed’s tiny TV screen. A little dark to be sure, but ultimately very satisfying.

30 Rock went for total dysfunction. Liz’s quest for a drama free holiday leads her to Jack’s attack zone, and guest stars Alan Alda, Elaine Stritch, and Elizabeth Banks played off of each other well from the first drink to the hospital room. Tracy remembers the power of laughter, and Paul and Jenna find their way back to one another courtesy of an inspired costume idea. Poor Liz has to take a bus home with a parrot, but methinks there’s a wedding in the cards which means more Colleen and Milton (so glad he got that kidney!). Bring it on.

Over on The Office, always known for stellar Christmas outings, things were… sigh. Darryl and his daughter, Jim and Pam exchanging gifts, and Holly… please let this be Michael’s endgame. Great direction by Rainn Wilson. Just a feel good end to the entire night. Creepy snowmen and all.


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