CONAN: Week One

With his first week at TBS under his belt, Conan O’Brien and his fans can feel pretty good about the state of his new show. First off, I didn’t realize just how much I missed Conan late at night, his self-deprecating monologues, his back and forth with Andy. That in and of itself was reason to rejoice. The first three nights had their high points. Loved the premiere’s cold open that parodied Conan’s woes over the past year, and early interview guests Tom Hanks and Jon Hamm did their part for Team Coco. But last night the show hit its stride. The monologue was flawless, enhanced by an endless Kanye West press conference and a welcome from other basic cable stars (no offense, Bruce Jenner, but the Hoarder stole the show). First guest Michael Cera brilliantly interpreted Too $hort’s “2 Bitches,” and comedian Jon Dore riffed on friends who futilely want us to share their interests. But the standout was Modern Family’s Julie Bowen and the story of her one son, a serial killer in training, stuffing his fatter brother into a dryer. Line of the night? Conan to Bowen: “You should learn their names!” as Bowen went on and on about “the skinny one” and “the fat, cute one” when describing her twin boys. All that plus the local news courtesy of Conan and Andy. Great, great start. Welcome back, Coco!


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