COMMUNITY: Bottle Episode

Way to bounce back, Community! Tonight’s “bottle episode” took the simple loss of Annie’s pen and blew it up into a crazed dressing down (literally and figuratively) of the study group. Amongst all the shout-outs to last season’s Goodfellas parody and this season’s “Zombie Party” (is Shirley carrying the spawn of Chang?!), we learned about Britta’s condom supply, Abed’s “menstrual graphs” (shout-out to last week), and Pierce’s unique use for Slim Jim’s (you kind of had to see it). There’s a lot of season to go, but I’m going to say that this is in the running for their Emmy episode. The previously mentioned Halloween outing and the Space Simulation story were more epic in scale (and I’m still psyched for the upcoming stop-motion animated Christmas special), but this was a testament to how well the ensemble works together. They spar, they strip, and they share ghost stories to find their way back to one another. And call me a geek, but I thought it sweet when Annie’s Boobs was revealed as the culprit, building a nest out of the study group’s trinkets. Monkey’s got good taste.


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