THE OFFICE: Attend the Tale

Okay. I love Sweeney Todd (nothing against Johnny Depp, but it’s George Hearn’s role all the way). It’s a masterpiece, so how psyched was I when I knew that it was to feature prominently on tonight’s Office? Naturally, there was the concern that the play itself would only be represented in broad strokes in service of the Scranton-ites’ drama. Thankfully, said fears were unfounded. From the opening scene to a solid rendition of “By the Sea,” the spirit of Sondheim was in no way compromised. Add to that, this was a pretty fabulous snapshot of what amateur theatre is all about (and I speak as a veteran). Andy and Co. weren’t always flawless (the “bird,” the bottle/balloon distraction, Ed Helms’ singing), but it wasn’t for lack of effort. Their belief that they were stars for an evening translated into a kind of awe from Andy’s audience of co-workers (so much so that it led to a touching sing-along of Macy Gray’s “I Try” with the ‘Nard Dog at the helm).

As a typical Office episode, much of it worked. While I’m sad to see the Isabel/Dwight union seemingly dropped, there is potential in Angela’s attempt to win Dwight back (we saw a different Angela as she smiled while driving home alone). Erin as a contender for “World’s Worst Babysitter” (Jim and Pam were not pleased) gave hope to Andy (and me!) that they’d find their way back together (you called for soup, Gabe?!). And Michael, Law & Order audition aside, took yet another step towards becoming a real boy as the show prepares to bid him adieu. I was as impressed as Darryl to find out that his plumber had such pipes!


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