MAD MEN: Scene of the Week

Now we’re in the homestretch. Even though this has been the most eventful Mad Men season to date, things are picking up even more steam in a big way. Lucky Strike is a memory! Pete’s a father! Don’s with Faye! No Megan! No Faye! All of this, not to mention Peggy’s lipstick stained pitch and… extracurricular activities added up to one of those episodes where the prospect of waiting a minute let alone an entire week is almost unbearable. The thought of everyone jumping ship yet again before or during the season finale doesn’t quite wash. So how will these stories end? Search me!

But let’s talk about Roger. This was John Slattery’s episode all the way, from Roger pretending to confront Lee via phone for the partners’ benefit to Joan turning him away when he needed her most. Christina Hendricks was also pretty spectacular as she kept Roger’s secret but condemned him for the consequences. Joan and Don and Cooper all call Roger out for his failure to hold on to one account and thus the future of the agency as a whole. The only thing that’s left for him is to return home to Jane and the freshly printed copies of his memoirs. Jane, likely oblivious to (or possibly not caring about) what Roger has done, tells her husband that she’s proud of him. In that moment Roger is a man who desperately needs someone’s approval yet knows he deserves nothing but contempt. And can’t we all relate?


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