MAD MEN: Scene of the Week

A lot of contenders. Peggy’s impromptu date with Abe the reporter gave Elisabeth Moss a great speech and drove home the point that Peggy, while compassionate, is well aware that she’s had to struggle to get where she is (yes, Freddy and Don opened the door, but Peggy’s talent kept her star rising), and as she grows up, some of her idealism is slipping away. Roger and Joan? Sigh. You could argue that Roger isn’t terribly brave during the mugging, but in a world where men like Greg rape her and men like Joey put her down about it, at least Roger protected Joan. I don’t think Greg makes it back from Vietnam alive. Will Roger help Red pick up the pieces? Then there was Sally, desperate to stay with Don, and the entire female staff of SCDP powerless to help (I particularly loved the look Betty received when Sally made it out to the lobby; Betty knew they knew she was a monster). But if I’m being honest, the highlight of the evening was “helping Miss Blankenship up from her desk.” Between the idea that Pete was the best man available to lend a hand, Harry mourning the loss of his blanket, and the lady in question rolled out by Pete and Joan before the Fillmore execs could catch on, the whole sequence was as funny as they come (and extra points for standing out in the foreground). Maybe not everyone’s first choice. Maybe I’m picking it because if I focus too much on Sally lost in Megan’s arms the tears will come back. But it was a great moment in another fantastic episode.


2 thoughts on “MAD MEN: Scene of the Week

  1. I absolutely agree, 100 percent, that dealing with Miss Blankenship’s corpse was the scene of the night! I loved the incredulity on Don’t face as he saw Pete struggling with the body, and the way Don vamped to keep the Fillmore brothers occupied. Comedy gold.

  2. How could I forget to mention Don taking the longest time to jot down a note in the history of advertising! Thanks for the comment!

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