Just finished watching the last episode of one of the greats, As the World Turns. Can’t really find the best words. Overall, it was a fitting tribute to a landmark show. Nearly every character received an ending that was about new beginnings, which might not satisfy some. In other words, a lot was left open. There are obviously more stories to tell (Carly and Jack’s baby, Barbara and Henry taking over Metro, Paul and Emily as “normal” parents, etc.). It’s sad that these tales will only ever come to pass in our collective imagination. But the globe keeps spinning. I’d like to think that we can all take comfort from that final image. We fall in love, we start new careers, we lose loved ones. But something greater, something we cannot define is always moving life forward. The worst moment of someone’s life is the high point of another’s day. And the next adventure is only a step away. I hope to come back with a more intelligent analysis of the final episodes very soon. But for now, it’s not goodbye to Oakdale. It’s just goodnight. See you in the morning.


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