2010 Emmy Awards: I want to see…

Sunday night’s Emmy Awards are fast approaching, and everyone is starting to make their predictions (who will win/who should win). There’s not a whole lot of variations among the selections, including mine. That being said, here are a few things that I want to see at the ceremony (though I suspect some of it is futile wishing).

  1. An Emmy for Michael Sheen’s Tony Blair: Anyone who saw HBO’s flawed but entertaining The Special Relationship knows that Dennis Quaid had the “showier” role as Former President Clinton. Same can be said for Al Pacino’s Kevorkian in HBO’s flawed and quite boring You Don’t Know Jack. But as one time Prime Minister Blair, Sheen embodied a character where these other nominees merely mimicked. His portrayal of wide-eyed idealist to compromised politician made the film work. And when you count Sheen’s previous efforts in the same role, shouldn’t he get some major award love? I doubt he’ll beat out Quaid or Pacino, but I’d most welcome this upset.
  2. Award a Mad Man (or Woman): The show itself is drenched in awards show glory, and if Lost doesn’t sneak in on the “you finished strong” vote, the series will repeat as Best Drama. But what of the actors who speak the gloriously written words? John Slattery might take home Best Supporting Actor, but I fear the fabulous Christina Hendricks and the lovely Elisabeth Moss will cancel each other out in their category. So we’re left with Season Three leads Jon Hamm and January Jones. Both deserve trophies for “The Gypsy and the Hobo” alone and that spellbinding bedroom scene where Don finally came clean with Betty about his past. Honestly, I think Jones has a better shot (something tells me Hugh Laurie is about to receive his overdue Emmy for House). But please let one of the actors from the best show currently on television make an acceptance speech.
  3. Emmys, take a break from Alec Baldwin: Don’t get me wrong. Baldwin is consistently excellent on the often uneven 30 Rock. This past season was arguably the show’s weakest to date. Baldwin had his moments during the Avery/Nancy triangle, but I sincerely hope that Emmy voters turn off the auto pilot when it comes to this category. There are other, more worthy recipients. Ideally, I’d pick Larry David for his turn as Jason Alexander playing George Costanza in the season finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm. But I’d even go for Steve Carell who has yet to take home the award for his brilliant Michael Scott. The Office has had better years, but the Emmys only have one more season to give Carell his due (why do I suspect they’ll wait until the last minute?).
  4. Jimmy Fallon: Be a good host. Don’t waste time, be charming in your monologue, and then keep the show clicking along. Please.
  5. Show ’em where they can stick it, Coco: Okay. I want The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien to sweep in every nominated category. Because it wasn’t given a chance to become classic Late Night. Because under the most unpleasant of circumstances it was inspired. Because the street cred can only help Conan as he makes the move to TBS. And because I want to see the NBC suits squirm each and every time his team hits the stage.

So what are you hoping to see? Discuss, and watch on Sunday night.


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