MAD MEN: Scene of the Week

I could pick the almost fight between Roger and Pete. Or Don getting some of his mojo back with the Honda execs. Or that divine shot of Peggy circling around the empty sound stage. But because it was shocking and because it says so much about where a certain character is going, the only real choice is Kiernan Shipka’s increasingly complex Sally. In front of the TV. Getting to know herself a whole lot better.

Okay. That sounded creepy. There was nothing titillating about this turn of events. Contrary to Betty’s worst fears, little Sally is not yet interested in boys. Unless they’re her father.

It started with the haircut. Somehow Sally believed if she could turn herself into Phoebe (who I highly doubt Don is ever going to score with), her father would choose her over a dinner date. No such luck, and worse, he turned and walked away as Betty continued her quest for the title of worst mother of the 1960s (someone should slap you, Mrs. Francis). So there was Sally, with the repaired hairdo that actually did make her look older, watching what I’ve since learned was The Man from U.N.C.L.E., and there was something about the brave blonde onscreen. Maybe he could save her. But only if she practices and learns to do the things that keep men from dumping their daughters on their new neighbors. 

Don and Betty might think that Dr. Edna will talk their little girl out of her funk. But Sally’s need for a protector is not going away (and remember, Glen is still lurking in the shadows). I fear she’s already heading down a road looking for daddies who won’t leave (which is kind of what Betty did with Henry). Could you see Sally in ten years or so as Jane to the next generation’s Roger? Now that would force Don to stop and take notice.


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