MAD MEN: Scene(s) of the Week

It was all about Peggy. Elisabeth Moss owned the episode. Loved her on the other side of the glass with Freddy and Don, a nice callback to what originally bumped her up from secretary to copywriter. But then the scene with Allison and the sudden realization that Don’s current girl, and possibly the entire staff, thinks that she did the same dance with the drunken Mr. Draper and that that, not Peggy’s intelligence and talent, got her where she is today. The irony is that Peggy did know an intimacy with Don, the only co-worker who knows about her seemingly forgotten baby, and that they both pretended it didn’t happen (Don’s good at that.) But Peggy took a long hard look at Don, Pete, and the establishment she’d fought to belong to, and suddenly it wasn’t as attractive or exciting as it once had seemed. The Warhol-esque party was a bit on the nose, but the penultimate moment, a symbol of where the series is heading, worked wonders. Once again, Peggy was on one side of the glass with her new counterculture buddies, and she shared a look with Pete. My interpretation? Maybe a part of Peggy still hoped that she could belong to Pete’s world. Trudy’s pregnancy alone does not squash this. Like Lane last week, Peggy is experiencing a rebirth. Will she bring the radical ideas of her new friends to the firm? How will the old boys’ club react? Are you psyched to watch?


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