MAD MEN: Scene of the Week

By now, you’ve probably seen the season premiere and devoured a variety of recaps by writers more eloquent than I. Simply put, what did you think was the standout scene from last night’s Mad Men? Don getting his slap on, Betty “feeding” Sally, and every second of Peggy was gold. But for me? I’m going with the moment when Don’s date Bethany (a poor man’s Betty in the vein of the flight attendant from last season’s opener) described just what a super does on the opera stage. One night she’s a wench, then she’s part of a harem, whatever is needed at the moment. And by the end of the episode, our boy Don seems to grasp that he’ll have to play one role in the media and another with his clients if the new agency has any chance of surviving. Just my thoughts. How about you?


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