RIP, Rue

Another Golden Girl is gone. The passing of Rue McClanahan is a bittersweet affair (tears over her passing combined with the many laughs she left behind). It’s nearly impossibly to pick a favorite among the “Miami Nice” crew as each lady was unforgettable. But just last night I caught a handful of episodes packed with great Blanche moments: Blanche dealing with her unruly grandson, Blanche appalled over her widowed father’s marriage to a much younger woman, Blanche not seeing the big deal over Dorothy’s lesbian friend (“Isn’t Danny Thomas one?”) If you were to ask the lady who brought Blanche to life, this was her favorite moment (keep watching after the song for one of the best Blanche/Dorothy scenes, proof of Rue’s range):

Yes, Blanche was spoiled, vain, and oversexed. But underneath it all she was also vulnerable and loyal. In lesser hands, Blanche might have been little more than a Southern Belle stereotype, but McClanahan layered her portrayal until we didn’t envy Blanche but envied the three girls who were her best friends. RIP, Rue. Dorothy and Sophia already have the cheesecake out in honor of your arrival.


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