THE OFFICE: Ending on a High Note

A few quick words on last night’s Office season finale.

This was an uneven season, the highs of the wedding and the baby combined with the lows of plot arcs that went nowhere (Jim and Michael as co-managers, Dwight and Ryan’s plan to bring Jim down, etc.) And on some level the writers got that. So what did they do? Create a finale that gives Michael the chance to speak for the show, admit that it’s hit a rough patch, then fill it with moments that promise a bounce back when fall rolls around. Will Dwight really buy the building? Is this the first step towards an Andy/Erin reconciliation? Is “Woofing” the wave of the future? Storyline possibilities abound, but the standout moment came at the very end: Jo promised to look into bringing Holly back followed by a myriad of emotions on Michael’s face (well played, Steve Carell; gave me goosebumps). Whether next season marks the end of the show or simply Michael’s tenure in Scranton, I think we’re in for a return to form.

Even quicker, did anyone see Community? Jeff and Annie? Kissing?! Awesome!


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