Top TV Couples

While it’s not the As the World Turns countdown(s) we promised (coming soon! really!), let’s take a moment to look at some memorable TV couples through the years. In alphabetical order (clips abound!):

As Time Goes By – Jean and Lionel: Separated for nearly 40 years, this couple reunited to show viewers that romance knows no age.

Honorable Mention – Judith and Alistair: It took Jean’s daughter and Lionel’s publisher nearly the entire run of the show to get it right, but taking a page from their elders they proved it’s better late than never.

Battlestar Galactica – Helo and Athena: Would you betray your entire race or undermine an arguably just genocide in the name of love? Probably not, but they did and became the couple who might have most deserved their happy ending.

Honorable Mention – Roslin and Adama: By contrast, their time together was much too brief. Still, it’s not every woman who inspires her lover to build a shrine to her after she’s gone. And it’s not every man who keeps watch.

Frasier – Niles and Daphne: Any fears that the union of Frasier’s little brother and his father’s physical therapist would hurt the long running show were completely unfounded and led to some of the series’ sweetest moments.

General Hospital – Robert and Holly: The current writing regime has all but destroyed this once classic couple who defied soap opera conventions and kept it smart, sexy, and sweet even after they’d exchanged rings.

Honorable Mention – Luke and Laura: Maybe not my Number One, but pretty damn close.

The Honeymooners – Ralph and Alice: He bellowed, she gave it right back. But at the end of the day they affirmed their love, and all was right with the world.

How I Met Your Mother – Lily and Marshall: Impossibly devoted and perfectly suited, you can see why knowing them spurs protagonist Ted to want a picture perfect happily ever after.

The Office – Jim and Pam: He knew he wanted to marry her from the second they met. It took her a little bit longer to come around. But new parents Jim and Pam are the TV pair that puts most big screen Rom-Coms to shame.

Honorable Mention – Andy and Erin: Maybe not yet at the same level as Michael and Holly or even Dwight and Angela, but their goofy chemistry is one of Dunder Mifflin’s highlights.

Scrubs – Turk and Carla: The cocky surgeon and the no-nonsense nurse made beautiful music together (and not just in this scene).

Honorable Mention – Cox and Jordan: The best example that making it legal isn’t always the route to making it last forever.

The Simpsons – Homer and Marge: Who cares if they’re cartoons? These two put up with all manner of craziness from one another, raise a family, and always find time to show how much they care.

Who are some of your favorites?


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