THE OFFICE: One Night in Scranton

Tonight’s Office was event free in the sense that no one exchanged vows under Niagara Falls and no babies were born. Just the Dunder Mifflin gang heading out for drinks at quitting time. Nevertheless, I thought it was one of the most satisfying episodes of the season.

There were few laugh-out-loud moments save for Andy’s horror that new girlfriend Erin learned dirty talk from Black Snake Moan, but in their place were a series of sweet romantic scenes that put any rom-com to shame.  A few of my personal favorites:

Andy declares his love: What could have been an unnecessary stumbling block along the Andy/Erin courtship path was circumvented when Andy overcame his fear of “the drama” and told the entire bar that he and Erin went out and planned to continue seeing each other. Loved their joint talking heads!

I told you there would be a triangle!: I suspected as much when Pam had her baby and Isabel re-entered Dwight’s orbit. Their interactions here made me really like Dwight, perhaps more so than in the entire run of the series. Isabel could be a great fit for him, in tune to his quirks yet grounded in reality. Plus she whacked Angela on the head! But Angela ain’t going away quietly. Am I the only one who wants to see her take Dwight to court over the “baby contract?”

Oscar “Scores”: The lovelorn accountant arranged the night out to get closer to his crush, warehouse worker Matt. Just when the night seemed to be a total bust, Matt appeared, and the guys shot hoops. Not sure where it will lead, but Oscar’s joy was touching (even if he can’t throw a ball).

PB&J – They still got it: Jim and Pam’s best moments in the episode were essentially solo shots (Jim telling the camera that his baby was amazing because she got him out of events he’d rather not attend, and Pam’s crazed joy over the phone about getting a night sans baby topped only by her delight upon seeing Kevin – and how creepy was his reaction?). But as Michael screwed up the date the Halperts had arranged for him with Pam’s friend, they worked as a team even as the cause was lost (a note with flowers for the poor “ESP Teacher” would work wonders the next day). Maybe it was Pam’s absence for the past two weeks, but I just loved seeing them together again.

Michael’s at the bar: Amy Pietz made her first appearance tonight as a potential love interest for Mr. Scott, a bar manager who threatened to throw “Date Mike” out but ultimately succumbed to his charms. While it’s too early to tell if she’ll compare with Holly or even Jan, Pietz and Steve Carell already have chemistry, so it’ll be fun to see where this takes us.

Honorable Mentions: Phyllis revealing how she wears low-cut outfits when she and Bob go barhopping so guys will hit on her and Bob can beat them up. Ryan and Kelly playing Dance Dance Revolution.

Overall, a good night in Scranton.


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