AS THE WORLD TURNS: Does it have to be goodbye?

As many a soap fan knows, As the World Turns is scheduled to come to an end after over 54 years on the air this September (posted above is the first opening I can remember). Fans have mobilized in an effort to save the citizens of Oakdale. We can hope that another network picks the show up before autumn hits, but after the fate of Guiding Light, I’m not holding out too much hope.

ATWT was my Nana’s soap, my mom’s soap, and my sister and I were watching well before we completely understood the intricacies of each plot (so Lily is Iva’s daughter and Iva is Holden’s sister, but only by adoption, so Lily and Holden can kiss?). I’m not going to give up until the fat lady sings (here’s a good place to start if you want to save the show), but in the event that the end is at hand, I don’t want to wait until the last minute to celebrate this landmark show. Starting soon, I’ll pay tribute to the best and worst of ATWT (top couples, silliest storylines, best recasts, etc.). Bear in mind that the majority of my choices will be from the past 25 years or so (I would’ve watched it from the beginning if I’d been around in 1956). Feel free to chime in with your own favorite memories. And maybe, by some miracle, there will be more in the years to come.


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