AMERICAN IDOL: Finally Finalists

After weeks of sub par performances and contradictory advice from our beloved judges, six boys and six girls are heading to the big Idol stage. My thoughts on the finalists:

Didi Benami: Underwhelming until this week’s cover of “Rhiannon.” She needs to step up her game if she wants a place on the tour bus.

Siobhan Magnus: Definitely the dark horse. Keep your eye on her.

Paige Miles: Really? Never terribly impressive and absolutely dreadful this week when singing “Smile.” Simon keeps saying she’s so amazing. I’ve yet to see it.

Au revoir, Katelyn Epperly. We’ll always have “The Scientist” to remember you by.

Casey James: Kara’s happy.

Tim Urban: Come on! The conspiracy against Chris Golightly continues!

Lee DeWyze: Let me just say right now that Todrick Hall, over the top as he could be, would have made for a more memorable finalist than ho-hum Lee.

Crystal Bowersox: Like Simon said, it’s hers to lose. But if the judges keep treating her every note like the second coming, Adam Lambert syndrome will set it. If you tell us we have to anoint her, another could steal the crown.

Michael Lynche: Of the guys, the only one with a chance to claim the title is Big Mike, the cuddliest velvet teddy bear since Ruben Studdard. The new baby doesn’t hurt either.

Lacey Brown: At this point Katie Stevens had to think she was going home. And that’s about all I have to say about Lacey.

Aaron Kelly: Really hate Lonestar’s “I’m Already There,” which Aaron sung last night. Draw your own conclusions.

Andrew Garcia: But can he regain his frontrunner status after a rough trip through the semi-finals? Maybe. Maybe not. We shall see.

And that’s it for Alex Lambert and his mullet.

Katie Stevens: Okay. This is now officially ridiculous.

Katie Stevens over Lilly Scott?! I should stop watching now while I still have a shred of dignity. But I won’t.

So who do you like? Shocked that Katelyn and Lilly went home? And how much of a nerd am I that I would pay for a Matt Giraud/Scott MacIntyre/dueling pianos album?


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