RIP, Pete Cooney

Just a few brief words on the passing of All My Children cast member James Mitchell. Loyal viewers know him best as villainous tycoon Palmer Cortlandt. Now AMC was never one of my soaps (it was GH when I was a kid; ATWT and Y&R as I grew up). But when I was a kid I spent many an afternoon at my Nana’s feet while she watched the stories of Erica Kane, Tad Martin, Adam Chandler, and all the other citizens of Pine Valley. My clearest memories of Mitchell’s tenure are his unexpected romance and ultimate marriage to wacky Opal. She with her big hair and strong Southern drawl seemed the worst match for uptight Palmer, but they made it work (for a time at least; these are soaps after all). Their son Pete, though currently off the canvas, is a promise for the next generation. But is that even assured? So much of this genre is going (ATWT) or gone (GL). And it’s a shame that memories such as mine of Mitchell, characters like Palmer, and afternoons with my Nana might soon be a thing of the past.


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